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“Ms. Jones has been such a tremendous help for our fourth grader.  Her gentle personality makes it that our son actually looks forward to his tutoring sessions.  And when he is there, we see him paying attention with enthusiasm.  I truly believe that this has had such a positive effect on his grades and his knowledge base.  I highly recommend anyone to meet with Ms. Jones and you’ll see what I mean.”

-Glenn Zimmet


Honey Jones is a wonderful tutor that is fantastic at creating a fun learning environment.  We have worked with Honey for almost a year and I have seen a huge improvement in the skills and academic confidence of my children.  Honey is excellent at developing fun and informative lesson plans that are catered to each child and the different ways they learn.  She focuses on topics that interest the child and compliments the skills that they are learning in school.  She is energetic and engaging and my kids look forward to working with her each week.  I would high recommend Honey as a tutor.









Ms. Honey is an excellent teacher and the perfect example of what a dedicated and extremely qualified teacher is capable of achieving. She has been teaching my two children, our 6 year old with autism and limited speech and our neurotypical 4 year old. Our 6 year old has excelled beyond what many (teachers and therapists) would have imagined or expected academically, thanks to Ms. Honey. Ms.Honey takes the time to understand how a child learns and goes above and beyond to make sure she capitalizes on the methods that work for the child. She does all this and still manages to get the child to enjoy learning and make progress. My 6 year old is reading and doing mathematics because of Ms. Honey and she loves it, which was not the case before. My 4 year old loves learning from Ms. Honey and enjoys the variety of areas she teaches him, from learning about the solar system, mathematics, encouraging reading skills, to using cars to solve math problems, Ms. Honey is gifted in teaching and I would gladly have her teach my children all their elementary if it were possible. I highly recommend her.

-Mary Mugo

Ms. Honey accepted my daughter with special needs without any hesitation. Before my daughter was first diagnosed with autism at 3 years old and couldn't speak, Ms. Honey got my daughter to say her first sentence. I will never forget the moment how excited my daughter was when she said her first sentence, " I saw a big black bear"  Ms. Honey is a blessing and now at 5 years old my daughter has a passion for learning and we give many thanks to Honey Jones. Don't know what we would do without her, but my daughter has a great start because of Honey Jones. I highly recommend her.


-Angelica Walker


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