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     My love for teaching began with spending lots of time reading, writing, counting, drawing, painting, and playing with my two children. It all started out as fun- just playing with my children and finding interesting things to do with them. I had no idea that it would lead to being an avid volunteer, classroom teacher, tutor, and preschool teacher!! 

     It's interesting how life can take you down a path that leads to your passion in life.  I read to my children constantly because it was a great way to cuddle up and spend time together or calm down and get ready for a restful sleep at the end of a busy day.  I was teaching reading even then! We read the stories, talked about the stories, drew pictures of the characters, wrote our own versions of the story- you name it we did it.  I thought it would be fun one day to do some painting with my children.  Little did I know they would learn their colors that day, WOW! 

    This all lead to volunteering in their classrooms and I discovered that I would love to teach! This is such fun!  So, beginning as a substitute teacher and then being asked to tutor students lead to having my own classrooms. I've been a classroom teacher in Flagler and Volusia counties. I found that I had a gift for teaching and providing creative ways to learn that suit each child. Being able to teach students individually is a dream come true for me. Every one of my students is provided with my undivided attention in my tutoring classroom. I tutor students of all abilities and disabilities in a student led environment with many opportunities of varied activities to learn. The best part of being an educator in the private tutoring environment is that each child's specific needs are able to be met. 

    As one who is an avid learner, I am continuing my education as well. I am working toward a Masters Degree in Education so that I may further provide the best possible learning environment for my students. It is a dream come true to be teacher and I appreciate every day I have the opportunity to do so. 


Honey Jones, Educator

16 Years Experience

Ceritified Teacher K-6


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